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Life Insurance For Seniors

Life Insurance for seniors, or anyone of the age of 50 for that matter, has become more and more affordable as Americans live longer and continue to expand their life expectancy. Though the actual product of life insurance doesn't change from a 35 year to a 55 year old the way the insurance companies view the individual does change dramatically.

Though many Americans are living longer by eating healthy and exercising, most people by the age of 50-55 years have experienced some type of medical condition, whether high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or more serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer high risk life insurance is still available. Making it even more important to find the right company for your unique situation.

Shopping the life insurance market on your own can be an overwhelming and daunting task, but there are many solutions out there for senior citizens and people over 50, which I have outlined below:

Shop Online For Senior Life Insurance

There are many useful tools and resources available online to make comparing life insurance for seniors rates easy for you. Many websites online have an instant quote engine available for use for free! All you need to do is enter some information about yourself on the quote form and click submit. After just a few seconds you will be able to view real time quotes for hundreds of life insurance providers. These are types of questions you can except to be asked on a life insurance quote form:

Instant Senior Life Insurance Rates

Shopping for life insurance for seniors online can make this process easy and painless for the consumer, but there are things you should know before entering personal information into a website.
Many life insurance brokerages have online resources and tools available for senior life insurance. These quote engines have the ability to display real time rates from the life insurance carriers directly, based only on the information you provide. In order for a website to display these life insurance rates they have to be a licensed agent. There are some websites out there that are known as "Lead Generators". Due to the fact senior life insurance rates for a 55 year old are higher than say rates of a 35 year old man, senior life leads are more valuable to these lead generator websites because they can be sold for a higher amount.

What To Look For on A Website Before You Enter Your Information

Disclosure/Privacy Statement

Many senior life insurance websites will have a link in their footer to their privacy policy or disclosure statement. On those pages they are required to disclose what they will be doing with your confidential personal information. If you see things like: "We don't sell your information to any third party"; or "Your information is only used to quote your life insurance rates and this information is kept 100% confidential and is never released without your permission". Websites with those types of disclosures and policies are usually your safest bet. If you don't see a website with a link from the homepage to their disclosure/privacy page I would say they are most likely hiding it for a reason and keep look for a website you feel more comfortable with.

Instant Life Insurance Rates or Real Time Life Insurance Rates
Again, in order to obtain real time rates from the insurance companies you have to be a licensed agent. Websites that provide you with this data for free, will not sell or distribute your information to any life insurance lead providers or third party agents. If a website does not display these rates to you they are usually providing your information to other agents. They are allowed to sell that life insurance lead up to 8 times (or to 8 different agents) in many states. If you do not wish to receive numerous phone calls and do not like being pressured to buy, I would suggest not using a senior life insurance website that does not display the INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE RATES to you online.

BBB or Verified Security
Most legitimate senior life insurance websites are listed with the better business bureau, and or have a verified security seal on their site. For either a BBB or Verisign Seal their information had to be confirmed and the level of security on their website had to be tested. Seeing the logo is not enough. Click on it and read about the website. (Some lead generator sites will post images to fool you into thinking they are a member of the BBB, when in fact they are not). However, the trusted websites will pop up a new window providing you with their company rating and verified information.

Many website owners provide to you testimonials and reviews from past customers and consumers. You can read the reviews they display to you online (But then again what site owner will display a negative review!). Sometimes it is a good idea to search the website domain or company name into a search engine and see if there is anything available that can help you make this decision.
Once you know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for senior life insurance online the process becomes very easy. Senior life insurance can be expensive with some carriers so it is important to find the right company for your unique situation, and using a brokerage or independent life insurance agent website allows you to do that.