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MetLife's Good For You Rate: Is It Really Good For You?

Recently I have been receiving calls and emails from clients, and current prospects that I am working with, inquiring about the MetLife Good For You Rate. With the many advertisements on TV people want to know if this is an option for them and how much money they can save.
MetLife's good for you rate rewards healthy living and lifestyle choices with lower premiums, but many people who contact them to see if they apply do not know whether they are getting a competitive rate. Though your habits may lower your premium payment based on MetLife's previous cost is that premium payment lower than one of MetLife's competitors?

Good For You Rate

Each company's underwriting department have unique guidelines in which they use to rate and approve proposed insured during the application process. All underwriter's will take into account any hazardous activities in which you participate in, as well as the results of annual physicals and check up done by your doctor. Family history is also a main factor in determining your COI (cost of insurance). Some companies do weigh certain diseases and conditions more heavily.
I do certainly recommend receiving a quote from MetLife's Good For You Rate program, but in order to determine whether or not that is the most affordable rate available to you, I do feel it is extremely important to shop the market prior to purchasing. The easiest way to shop the good for rate against other A+ rated insurance carriers to contact a life insurance broker. Though many brokers are licensed with numerous companies, not all brokers are licensed with every one, therefore it is important to contact an insurance broker that is licensed with MetLife.

Another thing I pride myself on is being extremely open and honest with my clients and potential customers. I do always act in their best interest and make sure that they are aware of what to look for if they shop my rates against any other brokers.

Life insurance brokers are individual agents (not captive by a specific company) therefore they have individual contracts with each insurance provider and so their commission pay varies from company to company. Some agents do push a specific company on you not because it is the cheapest available, but because that company may pay them the most commission or bonus them out for the volume they produce.

I ask only in the best interest of my client and receive equal commissions from all the carriers I produce in order to ensure my customers that my loyalty is only to them.

MetLife is an A+ rated company and I do offer my clients their insurance as an option, but I also shop those rates with over 140 of the leading competitors. I provide my client's with detail prospectus illustrating how Metlife's Good For You Rate compares to all other life insurance rates available to them.