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Smoker Life Insurance

As many of you already know, smokers pay more for life insurance than non-smokers. Due to the known high risk health issues associated with smoking. What you may not know however, is certain companies are more favorable to individuals who smoke, and therefore offer them more competitive premiums.
Some Insurance Carriers charge nearly double for smoker life insurance policies, while other companies will issue non-smokers rates to those who smoke occasionally or only smoke celebratory cigars once in a while.

Occasional & Cigar Smoker

To take advantage of occasional smoker/cigar smoker rates you must actually only use tobacco products on occasion. When you are applying for coverage, the insurance company requires you complete a medical exam (unless you have opted for a more expensive no medical exam life insurance policy). During the medical exam blood and urine specimens are obtained by the nurse from the insurance company. The levels of nicotine in your urine are used to determine whether or not you are a smoker.

Not all companies will issue non-smoker rates, however Prudential Life Insurance Company does offer more competitive rates to these individuals, so long as the individual does not have any additional medical conditions.

Smokers Life Insurance Rates
Below are some sample quotes for healthy men in preferred health:
Age 45 year Old Male SMOKER
$250,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years = $1,230.00
$250,000 of coverage guaranteed for 30 years = $1,987.50
Age 55 Year Old Male Smoker
$250,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years = $2,762.50
$1,000,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years = $11,059.00

*million dollar life insurance rate was provided by MetLife.

Age 65 Year Old Male Smoker
$250,000 of coverage guaranteed for 20 years = $5,894.00
To put into perspective for you, I have also included sample quotes for those same men, but for Non-Smokers:
The 45 Year Old Non-Smoker: $411.90
The 55 Year Old Non-Smoker: $887.50
The 65 Year Old Non-Smoker: $2,770.00

*Again, these are just sample rates as of 05/30/2012 and are not binded by any life insurance company. Premium costs are determined by your health,age and weight, family history, and other high risk activities one may participate in. For accurate smoker life insurance rate customized to you please contact one of our agents.